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A Few Interesting Internet Statistics

Last Updated on October 1, 2017

Nielsen Research, the same people who give us television insiders a fit several times a year with TV ratings, have now added the Internet to their area of dominance, and they have released some interesting facts about Internet and the American home. According to their report, almost three-quarters of the nation’s homes with a fixed phone line have internet access…a staggering accomplishment when you consider that the average percentage for cable penetration in US homes is just under 70%.

Oddly enough, women seem to be a little more likely to surf than men: ” Internet penetration for women aged 35 to 54 was 81.7 percent, compared with 80.2 percent for men in the same age group. For the 25 to 34 age group, Internet usage was 77 percent for women and 75.6 percent for men.”

In a separate story, a Gallup Poll reveals that age, not surprisingly, is a factor in Internet usage: only about 17% of people aged 65 or over surf online.

Gallup also revealed that the number one online activity was checking E-mail, and the the number two online activity was searches of news and weather.

I bet you thought online porn had to be in the top two, right?!?

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