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Are You Missing Text Messages? You’re Not the Only One!

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If you recently learned too late that you missed text messages from someone, join the club! Thousands of Apple users have, too!

I noticed recently that someone sent me a couple of text messages to my iPhone. But the phone, which I kept in front of me on my desk, never chimed.

It turns out I’m not the only one with that issue.

For some, the problem seems much bigger.

Apple Insider reported thousands of Apple users claimed they face the same problem with iOS14. But some experienced worse than the lack of an alert sound. Some are saying they aren’t receiving the banners on the lock screen or even the red badge showing the number of alerts that came in.

If I look at the lock screen, I’ll see any text messages the phone received. I will also see the red badge with the number that came in since I last opened messages.

In my case, I only miss the alert sound.

For a while, it looked like the problem only affected iPhone 12 owners. But now it appears to be bigger than that, AI says.

More than 5,200 users reported the problem on an Apple support forum, the website reported.

I first noticed it a couple of months ago on my iPhone. Mine is not a 12. In fact, I’m holding off on buying a new iPhone for as long as I can. (I still wonder whether they’re going to actually call the 2021 model the iPhone13. That sounds like an unlucky marketing move to me.)

But when my phone receives a text message, I won’t hear a sound unless the phone happens to be open. If it’s locked, it stays silent.

I don’t recall any major software upgrade that happened. If I remember correctly, the problem for me started before I upgraded to iOS14.

So the problem appears to predate the newest iOS release.

I shut down the phone completely and powered it back up. That did not help.

I changed the type of alert sound text messages prompt. That did not help, either.

In fact, nothing I tried seems to have changed anything at all.

So I have to periodically check my phone just to make sure I did not miss anything.

I hope they solve this soon. Failing to notify users of incoming messages significantly diminishes the user experience. And it should not be taking this long to solve the problem!

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