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DSL Isn’t Slower than Dial-Up!

The repairman from Verizon just left after finding the problem causing my new DSL service to move as slow as molasses.

When you order DSL service, they send you a connection kit with everything you need. Included in this kit is a wall-mount style filter jack that simply mounts in front of an existing wall-mount phone jack. (Everything that needs in a phone line in your home — except your computer — has to run through one of these filters.) I used the wall-mount phone in the pass-through between the kitchen and living room where the wall-mount jack is. This particular adapter actually has two jacks: one in front where a wall-mounted phone would plug in, and one at the bottom of the adapter, which allows you to plug in a second phone. So I plugged Tivo into the bottom jack. No more “dual splitter!” Bonus!!

The only problem is that the jack at the bottom of the adapter is not filtered. Who knew!

Adding a filter there was apparently all that it took to fix everything else. So now I’ve got internet service that seems just as fast as my cable internet service was, and after three months of promotional rates, I’ll be paying $29.95 per month for it instead of the outrageous $49.95 per month that my cable company was charging!

I’ll try my best not to use that $20 I’m saving each month at the book stores!

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