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Dude, It’s the Internet: Look It Up!


There’s a forum website I belong to that concerns a certain game show that used to be hosted by Bob Barker.  In the past two seasons, during which a certain new host has been at the mic, a lot of fans have been complaining about changes made on the show, many of which seem like cases of change for the sake of change.

We game show fans like to complain.  Some of us like to complain about the nit-pickiest things you can imagine.

Someone complained that Drew Carey is now wearing a soul patch.

I’m going to assume that you know what a soul patch actually is, but in case you don’t, it’s a little patch of hair beneath the lower lip.

I’m also going to assume that if you found this website, you could probably find a site that might tell you what a soul patch was.

Not so, apparently, for one of the posters in that forum.  When someone complained about the soul patch, suggesting that it is somehow “unprofessional” for the host of The Price is Right to have one, someone else responded, asking what a soul patch is and requesting that someone post a photo of one.

I’m not making this up!

I couldn’t resist pointing out that the website onto which he posted that question is part of the internet, this amazing, magical entity that epitomizes the Information Age concept by allowing you to look up information about nearly every conceivable subject.  (And some subjects that boggle the mind.)

I also couldn’t resist pointing out that in the time it took him to post the question, not to mention the time that it took someone else to read his question and post an answer, he could have Googled the term soul patch and found out for himself what it meant.

It’s a sad commentary that having so much information available at our fingertips has made us so amazingly lazy that we can’t even think for ourselves about how to access that information.  I work with people that I sometimes suspect couldn’t find a way to look up a telephone number without the internet; I wonder how long it’s been since they even picked up a telephone book!

To be online and not know how to look up something?  That’s beyond pathetic.  Even my mom, who is by no means a computer expert in even her wildest dreams, knows how to Google.


  1. I’ve always had to give my head a shake over this. In the past, I’ve responded with a link to a google search of the term, along with quoting statistics for the search, like, “a Google image search returned over 952,000 results for ‘soul patch’ in under 0.21 seconds.” The same people who asked, however, are usually not bright enough to pick up in the underlying snark of the comment, and simply reply, “thanks.”

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