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‘Frame TV’ Will Make Television Look Like Artwork

Here’s an interesting idea: Samsung’s new Frame TV is designed to make a television set resemble a piece of artwork in your home.

Imagine looking at a wall of framed art and not immediately recognizing that one of the framed pieces happens to be a television set masquerading as a work of art.

Samsung might make that very thing possible with its newest television design. You can see the big photo at c|net here.

There are plenty of things I’ve seen over the years on television that one might describe as “art.” But the actual television set on which you might experience such a presentation typically isn’t considered as “artwork” itself, no matter how sleek its design.

Samsung, however, is challenging that perception with a television set that’s specifically designed to look like a piece of framed artwork in your home, The Verge reported.

New York Magazine describes it as a “TV for people who hate the way TVs look.”

Back in the golden age of radio, radio consoles came in glorious wooden-consoles. Check out some of the classic designs here.

When I was a kid, television sets still came in big wooden cabinets complete with doors that could conceal the television set hiding within so you could presumably fool people into thinking there was no television set in the room. Back then, of course, no one was actually “fooled” by the closed-door thing: it was assumed any large cabinet around which the furniture was situated had to have a television in there somewhere.

So while this looks like some new design idea, to a degree, it’s a rehash of a very old idea.

But it’s a costly rehash. The smallest version — a 55-inch screen — starts at just under $2,000. If you want to customize it, it’ll cost you another $200 or so.

If you already have your big screen TV and you love this idea, you’re not entirely out of luck. There’s a company called that can turn your existing television set into a work of art with a variety of traditional and contemporary frame designs. (They even offer a “floating” design that conceals your big TV behind a giant wall mirror.

It’s all about how fancy (and how secretive) you want to be when it comes to making your television look like something other than a television.

For me, I think I’d rather put that money towards expanding the Blu-Ray collection.

Would you pay extra to make your television set look like framed wall art?

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