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From Digital to Digital

I’m just advancing technologically by leaps and bounds. This morning, my cable company showed up to install “digital voice” service to replace my “digital telephone” service.

Yes, I’m one of those stubborn people who still maintains a “land line” home phone even though I have a cell phone. The cell phone has not been surgically-attached to my ear, and I have no plans of changing that. I prefer a “real” phone when at home.

“Digital Voice” involves transmitting the telephone service along the cable line. I’m already getting 100 channels plus high-speed internet service there, so why not add telephone service to that same poor little cable if it will save me up to $60 per month.

Now if someone will invent a service that lets you burn calories over the cable line, I’d plug myself right in!


  1. I’m surprised when anyone doesn’t go to “cell phone”.. i thought i was the only hold out! I don’t own one at all and don’t plan to.. I just think when I am away from home that i obivously don’t need to be on the phone too… plus i really really really really hate seeing and hearing others conversations.. to others it seems strange that i don’t have one because i am so computer oriented.. it’s just one invention I don’t need.. if there’s an emergency when away from home hopefully a officer will come along! that’s the way it used to be lol lol

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