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Have You Unfriended Someone on Facebook Over Politics?


Now that Election Day is over, you may be asking yourself an important question if you’ve unfriended someone on Facebook recently.

Simple disagreement is one thing. But as political discussions seem to get more mean-spirited, some of us have actually unfriended someone on Facebook.

I haven’t taken the step of unfriending someone from my friends list because of their views. But I have unfollowed them.

Best of both worlds

The unfollow option is somewhat new in Facebook’s history.

It kills two birds with one stone. First, it allows you to prevent people’s posts from appearing in your news feed. But better yet, it doesn’t require that&nbsp you knock them from your list.

So your friends think you’re still friends. But you don’t have to read the dreck they’re posting in your news feed.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind people having differing views from my own. I don’t even mind friendly discussions about those differing views.

But too often now, there are no friendly discussions. They’ve been replaced with the pointless shouting of talking points. The shouting is done by people who won’t consider&nbsp listening to your point of view. They only want to argue.

There comes a point where you have to just remove the imbecility.

And in a few cases, I happen to know — because some people in my friends list are people I actually know personally — that they’ve done some of the very things they’re criticizing others for doing. You don’t get to play holier-than-thou when they’ve done the same things they somehow have conveniently forgotten.

&nbsp Election Day is over…so now what?

When there are people you’ve unfollowed because of the rudeness and callousness of their posts, particularly of a political nature, what happens the day&nbsp after Election Day?

Part of me is tempted to re-follow and allow them back in my newsfeed.

But a bigger part of me says enough&nbsp was and still&nbsp is enough.

Their rudeness had no place in my feed to begin with. Their effort to&nbsp intentionally spead false information they could have&nbsp easily debunked if they’d wanted to tells me they’re out to deceive.

Their lack of respect for others on one topic or another is a sure sign it’ll only happen again.

Once they’re out, in by book, they’re out.

What about you?

If you unfollow or unfriend someone on Facebook, do you ever reinstate them?

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