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How Would You Feel About a Keyboardless Laptop?


Could you function as well on a keyboardless laptop as one that uses a traditional laptop? There may come a point where physical keyboards disappear.

Some say keyboardless laptops may be in everyone’s future.

Just as book enthusiasts enjoy the feel of a paper book over an eBook, I prefer the feel of a real keyboard to a touchscreen.

Yes, I get that those of us who’ve used smartphones for years rely on tapping a screen instead of pressing an actual button. But that’s on mobile where it’s understood that there’s not enough room for an actual full-sized keyboard.

Some of us have “fat finger syndrome” and therefore rely on spellcheck and auto-correct to help us navigate our way through the perils of touchscreen typing.

Some of us actually enjoy a physical keyboard when we’re sitting at our desktop or laptop computers, figuring there’s less of a chance for typos.

But things may be about to change if Computex 2018 is any indication, according to Digital Trends. The big computer show featured laptops from Asus, Lenovo and Intel that came with two screens and no keyboard. They report Dell, Microsoft and even Apple have similar products in the works.

How do I feel about this? Well, I’m not as enthusiastic as some tech folk might be.

I haven’t read any official study about whether people can type faster on a physical keyboard versus a virtual one, but I suspect that I can easily correctly type more words per minute on the old-fashioned variety than the new ones, especially when the virtual keyboard isn’t the same size.

For my iPad, I have a smaller keyboard built into the portfolio that houses the tablet itself. It’s not the size of a standard keyboard and even that slows down my typing.

I think a virtual keyboard on a laptop would slow things down as well.

Maybe the disappearance of physical keyboards — if that ever really happens — might be enough to make me ditch a laptop altogether.

How do you feel about keyboards? Do you think you could get along just as well with a keyboardless laptop?

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