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I Usually Want the Latest Tech. Sometimes, It’s Overkill.


I’m not necessarily what you’d call a first adopter. But it’s not that I have anything against the latest tech.

Recently, I opened my kitchen freezer and realized I had a problem. Water sat in the ice trays where ice cubes had been. I examined several of the previously-frozen foods to discover them thawed. While waiting for word from an appliance repairman, I browsed listings for new refrigerator-freezers…just in case. You’d be surprised what the latest tech has done to a perfectly good refrigerator.

When I was a kid, the refrigerator was the place we kept food and drinks. We placed items we wanted to store for a longer time in the freezer.

Aside from those two functions, we thought little of that giant appliance.

Well, in my case, that might not be entirely true. When I wasn’t adding to or subtracting from its contents as a kid, one thought did hit me once in a while. I wondered what led to the 1970s obsession with avocado green!

Years ago, the latest tech in refrigerator-freezers involved ice dispensers in the door. Then came the option to switch from cubes to crushed ice. You could then dispense cold water right next to the ice chute.

Today, the latest tech involves turning a refrigerator into an entertainment center. Some models have an electronic display on the door. Picture a giant iPad built right into the front of the unit! You can manage your family’s calendars, share pictures and, as Samsung puts it, “stay connected right on your refrigerator.”

One of their models even allows you to play music on Spotify.

Play music. From your refrigerator.

That’s tech to the extreme. (And if you haven’t priced refrigerators lately, here’s a spoiler alert: you’ll pay through the nose for one of those high-tech fridges!)

Whenever my refrigerator actually does give up the ghost, I know what kind I want. It’ll be a unit with a refrigerator and a freezer. That’s it. No entertainment center, no Spotify.

I don’t even want an in-door ice dispenser.

God made ice cube trays for a reason, after all.

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