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In the midst of the recent iPhone frenzy, a celebrity’s publicist learned that what it takes to get one of the popular gadgets is patience, not status.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Cher’s publicist lamented not being able to land one of Apple’s new phones for her legendary client.

“Doesn’t winning Oscars, Grammys and Emmys entitle her to move to the front of the line?” she said.

Why should it? Cher’s various talents, it would seem, have already been rewarded. She already has received far more recognition than most of us “normal” folks will ever receive. How far must the “special treatment” go?


  1. How far must the special treatment go? As far as Cher and any other celebrity can and will push it. Or rather, as far as the adoring public will allow. De 😉

  2. i’m just shaking my head once again over the general air of entitlement many celebrities seem to have.
    maybe if we all tun our backs for a moment…

  3. I tried getting one for my “blog review” – nope, no luv my way either. I feel her pain.

  4. She should have just gone on tv talking about them & I’m sure they would have sent her one for the publicity. She is not too smart! I hear they are not working though.

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