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Keyless Entry for My Front Door? Not for Me, Thanks!


How much do you trust technology these days? If you trust it a great deal, keyless entry for your home might be worth considering.

A few months back, I visited some dear friends and saw their new home. It was equipped with keyless entry for their front door.

I don’t mean the kind of keyless entry that you find these days in hotels. That type uses passcards instead of actual keys. The front desk programs the keycards and can immediately deactivate them if there’s a problem.

But you have something that functions like a key to insert in the door lock.

No, this high-tech place doesn’t have keys or keycards. It uses a smartphone app in place of either.

Everyone carries a phone these days, right? You download the app on your phone, log in to it, and when you get to your front door, you hold your phone close to the door. (You don’t even have to make contact with the phone and the door lock; you can just be in the vicinity.)

The door immediately unlocks and you’re in.

Easy peasy.

I don’t trust technology that much.

I’m the type who surely entertains my neighbors. I’ve had to go all the way back to the door and check to make sure I locked it even after making it all the way to my car.

Somehow, I trust a little metal key more than I trust a smartphone app.

I’ve never lost a set of keys — knock on wood. I lost my iPhone once — but I found it within about two minutes because I always check to make sure I have it and as soon as I missed it, I was less than 200 feet from where it fell out of my pocket.

But in the days of hacking, I wouldn’t ever be able to fully trust technology to keep someone from gaining access to my place.

Maybe I’m paranoid. OK, OK…there’s probably no maybe about that.

But still, I just don’t think I’d be comfortable with that kind of thing.

By the way, I did ask the obvious question: What happens if your phone dies before you get inside?

You’d have to call maintenance and get them to let you inside. (You could also find a place to charge your phone — like your car — long enough for it to work at your door.)

My luck, as soon as I went back to the car to charge the phone, I’d find its battery died, too.

I think I’ll just stick with the little key.

Would you trust keyless entry for your front door?

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