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My 10 Best Web and Social Media Posts of 2018

My tour of 2018 continues with another of the key topics I blog about. This time, I’m presenting my 10 best web and social media posts of the year.

On the internet and social media, there are always plots and trends waiting to trap us. Here, in no particular order, are 10 of my best posts on these subjects.

1. ‘Facebook Warning: Don’t Share Child Porn Viral Post’

Very early in the year, a video began making the rounds on Facebook that appeared to show a very young girl being forced to perform a sex act. Outraged Facebook users thought they were doing the right thing by sharing the video to news stations (though they somehow often didn’t think to report the video to law enforcement).

Unknowingly, though it should have certainly been common sense, they could have put themselves in danger of a charge of distributing child pornography!

2. ‘Avoid URL Typos: They Could Cost You!’

You’re going to a website you’ve visited 100 times but on this 101st attempt, you type the URL fast and make an innocent typo.

It turns out that this is exactly what scammers are hoping for!

3. ‘Should Apple Be Responsible for Battling Device Addiction?’

Investors began putting pressure on Apple to do something about device addiction. But in this post, I questioned whose fault it really was.

After all, no one that I know of demanded that RCA do anything about people who became addicted to the television set, right?

4. ‘Can You Imagine Being Locked Out of Your iPhone for Decades?’

A mom made the unfortunate decision to allow her toddler to watch videos on her iPhone. At some point, the phone must have become locked and the toddler just started pressing random buttons.

The phone, it turns out, didn’t appreciate this and kept increasing the length of time the mom would have to wait to be able to log in. You won’t believe how long it turned out to be.

5. ‘You Didn’t Play That ‘Royal Name Game,’ Did You?’

Be careful what you click on social media! There was a particular meme going around Facebook that required you to give out what seemed like perfectly innocent details to create a royal-sounding name.

The resulting name could have compromised their security on other sites.

6. ‘YouTube Pulling Tide Pod Challenge Videos’

One of the most ridiculous — and deadly — viral video challenges involve those little laundry detergent pods.

It still blows my mind that anyone would attempt this…much less that it’d become common enough to evolve into a social media sensation.

Fortunately, YouTube reached the point at which it had had enough and started deleting the dangerous videos.

7. ‘Best Buy No Longer Selling CDs After July 1’

If you live long enough, you’ll see a string of media formats begin to go the way of the dinosaur. This year, the compact disc, one many of us thought would be around much longer, was pulled from Best Buy’s shelves.

Then again, when’s the last time you bought a new album on compact disc rather than picking and choosing just a couple of the songs you really like from iTunes?

8. ‘That Time I Switched From iPhone to Droid…and Hated It’

If you’re a Droid fan instead of an iPhone fan, I respect your position.

But I’ve tried “the other side,” and frankly, you’re wasting your time if you think you can convert me away from the iPhone.

9. ‘After Passage of New Law, Craigslist Personals Are Out!’

One of the biggest disappearances on the web in 2018 was the personals section of the classifieds website Craigslist. For many of us, those listings provided a few chuckles now and then.

But for others, it was turning into something very dark, and in some cases, often something very criminal.

10. ‘Plastic Surgeons Battling Snapchat Dysmorphia’

You know those weird little photo filters on Snapchat that make a human look like some sort of smooth-skinned alien?

They may not fool that user’s followers, but plastic surgeons quickly learned that the filters were fooling the users themselves!

That’s my list of the best web and social media posts of 2018. I hope you enjoyed the list and I look forward to telling more stories in 2019!

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