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New Emojis to Add Pregnant Man, Finger Heart, Melting Face


When the latest set of new emojis finally hit our mobile devices, we’ll be able to depict everything from giving a salute to biting our lips.

The Unicode Consortium plans to add 37 new emojis in the next update, according to plans pending final approval. The consortium maintains and supervises the world of emojis among other things.

Some of those 37 will include an array of skin tones to make them more inclusive. Apple Insider recently released a look at the new emojis it says are coming to iOS15 at some point. Don’t worry, Android users: You’ll get them as well.

Both Apple and Android platforms will have to take the final approved list of additions from the consortium and then adapt them for their own platforms. (It’d be too simple if one single, simple design went to everyone!)

Here are details of a few that are definitely interesting:

1. Pregnant Man

Those who will immediately protest the possibility of a man becoming pregnant live in denial. Because of gender reassignment, it is possible. One of the most well-known examples happened more than a decade ago!

There will also be a “pregnant person” but I don’t see how it looks all that different from the pregnant woman and pregnant man emojis. Maybe it’s all about the name rather than the appearance.

Compare the difference: Here’s the pregnant man and here’s the pregnant person.

The emoji can be used to suggest having overeaten after a big meal. I imagine that emoji will get much more use than in actual cases pr pregnancy.

2. Melting Face

The easiest way to describe this one is to take the traditional yellow smiley face and then rest it on a hot stove. When you notice it begin to melt like a candle, there you have it. But if that isn’t good enough, you can see it here.

I can see this one getting plenty of use in the summer, particularly in the South where the humidity slaps you in the face or in the Southwest — where it’s at least a “dry heat.” I’m sure we’ll see plenty of references to Margaret Hamilton’s Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz.

What a world! what a world!

3. Troll

I’m surprised we haven’t already seen a troll emoji. After all, trolls are as common online as emojis themselves. We’ll soon be able to strop the tremendous energy expenditure necessary to digest a five-letter word in favor of an icon.

See it here.

4. Low Battery

You can tell I don’t rely on emojis all that often. I would assume there already was a low battery emoji. The existing battery appears to be fully charged and depicted in green.

This new one looks almost empty with a little red at the bottom. See it here.

5. Face with Diagonal Mouth

Apparently, I must have used chat programs that have this emoji available regardless of what the consortium says. I know I’ve used a face with a diagonal mouth before.

You use this one to express doubt or aggravation. It can also let people know you’re just feeling “blah” about things.

6. Heart Hands

You’ve seen this in photos. People put both hands together, with tips of the index finger and thumbs touching, simulating the shape of a human heart. People use it to express support or love.

There’s an alternate version, the “finger heart,” that I never heard of. Its description lists a hand with the index finger and thumb crossed while the rest of the fingers make a fist. The index finger and thumb form a heart shape.

“This gesture is known as a ‘finger heart,’ and was popularized in the 2010s by South Korean celebrities, including actors, K-pop stars, and comedians,” the Emojipedia site explains.

7. Mirror Ball

This one scares me just a little. I hope disco isn’t making a comeback!

Which new emojis do you see yourself using the most when they eventually arrive on your phones by next spring?

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