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OnlyFans Reverses Explicit Content Ban Decision


OnlyFans reversed a decision it announced earlier this month on a planned explicit content ban that would have kicked in on Oct. 1.

What a difference a week makes! This time last week, I told you that OnlyFans would implement an explicit content ban. As of October, the site would remove all of the adult content the site features.

The Washington Post reported the reversal followed an outcry from both users and content creators. I pointed out there actually is content other than porn on the site. But there’s so much porn that I would suggest it is fair to say that’s the first thing many think of when they hear the site’s name.

So I would expect the site would have been expecting that backlash. I’m sure it did.

Initially, it said it would ban porn at the request of its banking partners. The partners serve an important role: they process the payments to the platform from subscriptions for content creators.

If the banking partners weren’t happy, nobody was going to be happy.

Here’s where things get interesting.

This past Wednesday, OnlyFans made the announcement on its Twitter account.

They first thanked everyone for making their voices heard. Then came the interesting part:

“We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned Oct. 1 policy change.”

Assurances? What kind of assurances, you might ask.

Time reported the assurances were that the banks wouldn’t penalize the adult content.

But for some of those content creators — some of whom call themselves “sex workers” — the damage is done.

They feel betrayed by a platform that allowed itself to become so heavily associated with adult content. Time said some sex workers complained they’d already lost subscribers who fled the coup when the announcement came.

Some content creators jumped ship and vowed never to return. But if OnlyFans is the place where the majority of their fans will remain after the reversal, I suspect they’ll be back soon enough.

Do you think a service like OnlyFans should have stuck to its content ban idea? Or was allowing it to remain the right decision?

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