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Real Men Surf

I’m not sure exactly how you can have a meme to determine whether one surfs the internet like a man or a woman without asking something about porn, but I gave this little quiz a shot and here’s what I got.

Your Surfing Habits are 80% Male, 20% Female

If we had to guess, we would guess that you are a man. 

You use the internet to make your life more efficient – and to make you smarter.

For you, the internet is like a vast encyclopedia.

You search and surf extensively. You look up everything online.


Good guess.


  1. Us men have to stick together! Except someone forgot to tell my DNA to switch.

    It would have been nice to see some sort of nod toward the concept of middle ground here, but it might be that I’m just very cranky today. 😉

  2. A few of those could be interpreted as answers related to porn:

    -watching “homemade videos”
    -researching “health topics”
    -and the answer “You can get exactly what you want, quickly”

    OK, a stretch, but still….

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