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Spam: The Other Side?


In the Sunday paper, there’s a story buried on the back page of the “Business” section. (How I ever found it, I’ll never know.) Anyway, it talks about AOL‘s fervent battle against direct marketers who send out all that spam.

Quoting the article:

“Now AOL is (reportedly) offering to sell large-volume e-mailers information that tells them whether and why their e-mail did or did not land in an inbox.”

The article goes on to say that AOL is considering a plan to allow “legitimate marketers who are known quantities to AOL” to be able to pay for status reports, according to Quinn Jalli from e-mail marketing firm Digital Impact.

If I block an E-mailer through AOL’s fancy-schmancy Spam blocker, I don’t expect AOL to go running off to the enemy to tell them how I did it. And if I set up my mail controls to block unwanted solicitations, I’d prefer to decide for myself which ones I might consider “legitimate,” thank you very much.

As much we pay for AOL, it seems to me that the least they could do is to pull the rug out from under the feet of spammers, not try to make a profit off of them by helping make their operations more efficient!

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