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Text Message Crazy


South Carolina, my native state, leads the nation in something.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out by now, whenever South Carolina leads the nation in anything, it is almost always bad. When they trail behind all the other states, it’s usually for something good.

Here’s a perfect example. This time, South Carolina is #1 for drivers who send cell phone text messages while driving.

The study, according to the Post and Courier, was commissioned by a company that offers a solution to the problem. That particular solution, it turns out, is an application that allows people to record a voice message that will then be translated into a text message.

I trust that most people will immediately recognize the idiocy of such a plan.

Why not just plug in the headphones or your Bluetooth ear bob and just call the person?!? If you’re going to leave a voicemail that will have to be translated into a text message, why not just leave the voicemail and call it a day?

That’s if you absolutely positively can’t wait to make the call until you get where you’re going.

Personally, I have never understood the whole text message thing. I’ve sent maybe a dozen since I got my first cell phone years ago. They’re annoying. They take more time than just calling the person. And for most people, they require that ridiculous internet shorthand that almost takes a college course to decipher.

I’m not one of those who favor laws requiring people to stay off the cell phone while they’re driving, because there are legitimate times when you need to make a call. But text messaging ought to be against the law. If it isn’t already.

When it comes to driving, what we should be reaching out to touch is the steering wheel.


  1. I agree with you about Internet shorthand. U R so rite! TTYL!

    (I’ll stop the joke there. No obligatory “smiley face” or anything.)

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