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That Time I Switched From iPhone to Droid…and Hated It


Facebook memories occasionally offers painful memories of our past…like recalling the day eight years ago that I actually switched from iPhone to Droid.

I’ve always been a Mac guy but there was a time when I had little choice but to switch from iPhone to Droid.

And I didn’t like it.

I was reminded of those dark few months by a Facebook memory, those little popups that show you things you posted years ago on the same date.

I had been a customer of AT&T specifically because they had an iPhone and Verizon didn’t. I loved the iPhone, but the service I was getting from AT&T was lacking.

Actually, to call it lacking was an understatement. Calls were dropping despite the fact that I had five bars.

Not only were calls I was on being dropped, I was actually missing calls. And voicemails for those missed calls were literally taking hours to appear.

I switched to Verizon after several attempts to rectify the situation with AT&T.

Verizon, at that time, didn’t offer the iPhone because AT&T had an exclusive agreement with Apple.

So I was suddenly a Droid user. Initially, I didn’t hate it as much I as thought I would. In fact, I was sort of amused with it because the Droid seemed to be trying so hard to mimic Apple’s iPhone environment, despite all of the Droid fanboys who constantly belittle all things iOS.

I was at least able to make calls and send emails, which was more than I can say for the phone I liked better on that other network.

I distinctly remember a Droid upgrade that changed text messaging. When I typed, suggestions would appear. Before the upgrade, they appeared in a horizontal row above where I typed. After the upgrade, they appeared in a vertical box that covered what I was typing.

I couldn’t see what I was typing because of the suggestions about what I might want to type.

It was the final straw in a series of them.

As soon as Verizon was able to sell the iPhone — I think it was about five or six months later, I was only too happy to buy the new one. I don’t recall how much I had to pay, but it was worth it.

I’ve been on the iPhone ever since…so I guess I’m about six months away from my 10th anniversary on their network.

It’s been a good 10 years.

Are you an iPhone or Droid user? Why do you prefer your choice?

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