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Verizon Offers Gift Cards for iPhone Enthusiasts


About a month ago, I modestly suggested to Verizon wireless that it would be nice to have a discount for their customers who had to make a switch from AT&T to Verizon but weren’t able to wait for the February 10th launch of the Verizon iPhone.

Verizon came fairly close this week.

The company announced it would provide $200 gift cards for certain customers to offset the cost of their new iPhone if they want to switch to that.

There are a couple of catches, but I think it’s still a great idea that says a lot about their customer service.

The first catch is that the customers will get the $200 Visa gift card if they swap a phone bought between November 26th and January 10th. (That knocks me out right there, but that’s okay.)

The second catch is the new phone must be purchased by February 28th. This prevents anyone from holding onto that card until the summer, when the new iPhone 5 is expected to be released.

Consumer Reports, meanwhile, says users might want to do precisely that, because more features are likely to be available on the new model.

Still, I think it’s a nice gesture for Verizon for its customers. Especially considering the fact that pre-ordering was shutdown after a sellout on Thursday.

Of course, not everyone is caught up in iPhone fever: during a recent Patrick’s Place Poll, I asked how my readers felt about the new iPhone. The results show that not everyone is as enthusiastic about the Verizon version:

54% — Not interested.
46% — Thinking it over.
0% — Can’t wait.

You can’t please everyone!

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  1. It is a very nice gesture.

    As for the Verizon iPhone in general, I would not be eager to jump on board that bandwagon. That's simply because I've seen too many early AT&T iPhone adopters find themselves struggling to make the most of an insanely expensive phone, the performance of which being bottle-necked by an inefficient cellular network. I hope Verizon can handle it.

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