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Would You Trust Facebook Dating App for a Love Connection?

Mark Zuckerburg told reporters this week there are plans for a Facebook dating service to help you find your perfect match.

If you need help finding your future significant other, you might soon be able to turn to a Facebook dating service.

The social media giant’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, said on Tuesday at the company’s annual developer conference that Facebook will soon offer an online dating service.

“This is for building real long-term relationships, not just hookups,” Zuckerberg said

When I first saw that quote, I read that “not just hookups” part as meaning it was for that as well, not only for that. I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d only want to use it for hookups rather than long-term relationships.

The real question, though, isn’t that.

Would you trust it?

Given all of the privacy concerns that have recently surfaced, should you trust Facebook to help you find love?

It was less than two months ago, after all, that we learned personal data from millions of users had leaked to Cambridge Analytica. Now, Facebook is investigating claims an employee used someone’s personal data to stalk her.

Suddenly, their dating service sounds a lot less appealing.

Zuckerburg said users’ friends wouldn’t see their dating profile. He also said the service would only try to connect people who aren’t your friends.

But that could be a problem for people who’ve pulled back on their public information because they only want their friends to find them to begin with.

With so much information out there and so many people seemingly misbehaving, should we want Facebook trying to play matchmaker?

I think I’m going to vote a resounding “No” on that one.

How about you?

Would you sign up for a Facebook dating service if you were single?

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