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Yes, ‘Password’ is Still Among the Worst Passwords People Use

A new study released by the National Cyber Security Centre in the United Kingdom revealed the worst passwords people are actually using.

It’s 2019, people. A list of the worst passwords in terms of securing accounts ought to list more complicated passwords than things like 123456 by now.

But a list compiled by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre finds that one — 123456 — as the most common bad password in use. The study examined the passwords that most often are used to breach security in online accounts.

For 123456, it was found to be the password that allowed access in 23 million instances.

The second-most-used password, 123456789, was found 7.7 million times. Qwerty, the first six letters on a US keyboard, came in third place at 3.8 million instances. Rounding out the top five were the ever-popular and ever-ridiculous password and 1111111.

But the worst passwords in use weren’t restricted to numbers and basic keyboard combinations.

Some people use first names. The most popular of them, it turns out, is Ashley, followed by Michael, Daniel, Jessica and Charlie.

Place names, which are equally bad because they can be guessed based on a person’s hometown or place of residence, included Liverpool and Chelsea.

Sometimes music and movies inspire unsafe passwords. Among musician names, blink182 was used 285,706 times. Other popular musical passwords included 50cent, eminem and metallica. Then there were names like Superman, Naruto (I had to look that one up: it’s a Japanese manga series), Batman and Pokemon.

The full list contains other shockers, including profane and vulgar phrases I won’t repeat here.

Even Patrick made the list of passwords. I’m not sure whether I should be proud or sad about that.

Maybe one day, people will learn to come up with better passwords. At least, we can hope!

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