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Yet Again…

As hard as it may be for you to believe, I’m without internet service again. This time, the New AT&T claims that there is some power outage and that my service won’t be restored until tomorrow at 2:30pm.

You know you’ve had bad service when the tech support guy calls up your account, and, upon reading recent notes, says, “Wow, you HAVE been through a lot lately.”

I could hardly dispute such wisdom.

Fortunately, this is the 21st century, and one can blog, when necessary, from laptops and cell phones when one finds his home high-speed Internet service to be inexcusably sub-par.  And I can’t ignore the marvelous irony that I can pick up my iPhone — an AT&T Wireless product, or go to Barnes & Noble and sign on to its AT&T Wifi Hotspot for free (since I pay for home internet service) and update it as well.

I’ll be calling the billing department on Monday once again, this time to demand a credit for the time that I am without service.

And if they’re less than cooperative, I’ll point out that Comcast also offers high-speed Internet.

I’ve had nightmarish problems with Comcast in Richmond, but not here in Charleston. In any case, Comcast can’t possibly be worse than the New AT&T.

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