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2 New TV Shows in 2020 I’m Eager to See


I stumbled across a list of the most anticipated new TV shows of 2020. But there are only two that I’m really interested in.

Are there any new TV shows you’re looking forward to in 2020?

If you need a little inspiration before you commit to an answer, Digital Trends has your back with this list.

I’ll note that much of the series named in the list will premiere on premium channels. I already subscribe to Netflix and Hulu. I also have a monthly cable bill I can’t opt out of because of an agreement with the property where I live.

So I think I pay more than enough as it is. But to see one of the two shows I’m interested in, I’ll have to add one subscription. I’m still debating that.

Here are the two titles that jump out at me:

‘Picard’ – CBS All Access

This show follows the now-retired captain from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We don’t know why Jean-Luc Picard left Star Fleet, exactly. But he finds himself thrust into a new adventure. He must protect a mysterious woman who holds the key to preventing some calamity.

If the description sounds a bit vague, hey, it’s science fiction. The premiere doesn’t happen for another month. So it’s not like anyone is going to give away the whole premise.

Here’s the long-form trailer that dropped a while back:

And here’s the most recent trailer:

I really enjoyed Star Trek: The Next Generation, so I really want this latest edition of Star Trek to work.

I’m a little dubious about it, but I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

It makes its debut on CBS All Access streaming service on Jan. 23.

‘Messiah’ – Netflix

“He’s come out of nowhere and we don’t know who he is.” That’s how the trailer for this new Netflix series begins.

Messiah is a series about a mysterious man who people believe may be Jesus Christ making his second coming.

Here’s the trailer:

The man in this image does not have blonde hair and blue eyes. He is brown-skinned. He looks like a minority.

Immediately, we wonder who this guy is and what he’s really after.

Some of us may not even want to think too hard about whether he could be the real thing. The reason, I think, is we don’t want to imagine what might happen if Jesus Christ did come back to earth today.

Would we receive him as savior? Or would we do everything we could to denounce him as some kind of nut?

Deep down, I think we all know the answer. And deep down, that answer should disturb us all.

Messiah premieres on Netflix on Jan. 1.

Are there any new TV shows on the list linked above that you’re really looking forward to in 2020?

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