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A New Reason to Switch Off TV Land

I was suspicious when TV Land started running movies in place of television shows.  I began to become convinced when it was suddenly so enamored with Rosanne Arnold’s ABC sitcom Roseanne that the network started running for hours at a time every night.

Now, I’m certain:  they’ve decided to seek out new ways to tick me off.

And they’re succeeding with a programming change taking effect tonight: they’re bringing in Fran Drescher’s CBS comedy, The Nanny.


That is “classic television?”  That is quality entertainment that people are supposed to actually want to tune in to see?  That voice is what people want filling their living room?

Not me.

Sorry, TV Land, but my viewing habits are about to take a suden turn.


  1. A nasal-voiced cosmetics saleswoman teaches a stuffy Englishman and his spoiled kids about life and love. Aside from that horrible voice, my problem with that show was that it simply wasn't funny, nor could I even tell when it was trying to be.

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