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Are Your Favorite Shows Coming Back Next Season?


Every spring, as we gear up for the season finales that usually occur during May Sweeps, we also begin wondering which shows won’t get the chance to resolve whatever cliffhanger they come up with.

Several network prime time shows have already been renewed for next season. Certain others are almost certain to be renewed. compiles an annual list of shows classified by their status: there’s the “sure thing,” the “safe bet” and the “could go either way” classifications, as well as the “officially canceled” and “officially renewed.”

CBS, the number one network that’s likely to have the fewest new shows next season, renewed 18 shows so far, jumping the gun on its competition. Neither ABC, the CW nor NBC have announced renewals. Fox has already announced a few.

So here’s an updated list of just the shows that are either the “sure things” or “already reneweds.”

If your favorites aren’t here, check their official status here.

The Bachelor — Sure thing.
The Bachelorette — Sure thing.
Castle — Sure thing.
Dancing with the Stars — Sure thing.
Grey’s Anatomy — Sure thing.
Happy Endings — Sure thing.
Last Man Standing — Sure thing.
The Middle — Sure thing.
Modern Family — Sure thing.
Once Upon a Time — Sure thing.
Revenge — Sure thing.
Suburgatory — Sure thing.

2 Broke Girls — Officially renewed.
Amazing Race — Officially renewed.
Big Bang Theory — Officially renewed.
Blue Bloods — Officially renewed.
Criminal Minds — Officially renewed.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — Officially renewed.
The Good Wife — Officially renewed.
Hawaii Five-0 — Officially renewed.
How I Met Your Mother — Officially renewed.
The Mentalist — Officially renewed.
Mike & Molly — Officially renewed.
NCIS — Officially renewed.
NCIS: Los Angeles — Officially renewed.
Person of Interest — Officially renewed.
Survivor — Officially renewed.
Undercover Boss — Officially renewed.

The CW
America’s Next Top Model — Sure thing.
Gossip Girl — Sure thing.
The Vampire Diaries — Sure thing.

American Dad — Officially renewed.
American Idol — Sure thing.
Bones — Sure thing.
The Cleveland Show — Officially renewed.
Family Guy — Sure thing.
Glee — Sure thing.
Kitchen Nightmares — Officially renewed.
New Girl — Sure thing.
Raising Hope — Sure thing.
The Simpsons — Officially renewed.
The X Factor — Officially renewed.

The Biggest Loser — Sure thing.
Celebrity Apprentice — Sure thing.
The Office — Sure thing.
Parks and Recreation — Sure thing.
The Voice — Sure thing.

Your Turn:
What’s your favorite show of those already listed above? What’s your favorite show that hasn’t made the list so far?

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  • Necessary Roughness – USA returning
    Covert Affairs- USA returning
    Rizzoli & Isles – TNT returning
    The only shows on ABC, CBS & NBC that I watch are Unforgettable & The Mentalist

  • I don’t watch a lot of network shows anymore – mostly because I really don’t like reality shows.  My favorite of the ones you have listed has to be Big Bang Theory.
    My favorite not on your list is Grimm.  It’s listed as a “sure thing” on the website you linked so I’m happy. 🙂  The only thing I don’t like about that show is that K doesn’t like it so I have to tape it, then find time to watch it some other time!

  • Well, I only watch reality shows on Network, thought I like Network, I never really get to watch it because I am married and my husband controls the TV remote. I loved “Suits” last summer, not ever certain which network it was on USA, FX or what. He “tapes” the shows, because we are never home when something is on in real time. I love LUCK on HBO – I expect it will have a second season, ditto with Justified (I am certain it is on FX) best show on TV, it should go into season 4. Don’t know what the heck happened with Mad Men, I will lose interest if it does not appear soon. Dexter will renew and what else….??????? Oh yes, The Killing was very good, I think it will come back soon. See, no net work! I am not certain I am typical.

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