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Bob Barker, Come On Down!


When CBS’s The Price is Right tapes today, former host Bob Barker will be on hand.

No, he’s not taking the microphone back from Drew Carey, who succeeded him as host in 2007; Barker is appearing to promote his new memoir, Priceless Memories.  TVNewsday reports that Barker will appear during both Showcase Showdowns (that’s the Big Wheel, not the endgame), and will hand out free copies of his book to everyone in the audience.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a little awkward, too.  Here’s a guy who put this show back on the television map when it made a comeback in 1972, and who rose to an incredible level of power, becoming executive producer of the show and reportedly ruling with an “iron fist” through scandals while still maintaining a place at the top of the ratings.  And who now is just making a few quick cameos.

And he’ll be standing there on the set of the show he used to lead next to a guy who has gotten very mixed reviews as successor and who will probably feel a distinct lack of love when Barker’s in the same shot.

I’m not sure exactly when this episode will air, but The Price is Right generally tapes anywhere from three to five weeks in advance on average.

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