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Bob Barker Returns to ‘Price is Right’ for 90th


Game show icon Bob Barker is back on the CBS stage of The Price is Right celebrating his 90th birthday.

No other game show host in television history gained the level of success Bob Barker did as host of The Price is Right on CBS for 35 years. On Thursday’s episode, the show pays tribute to his 90th birthday.

Barker recently joked that the nice thing about turning 90 is that you only “have to wait 10 years” and then he’ll be 100. And, he says, he’s already been invited back to the show to celebrate his 100th.

The host and animal rights advocate was 49 when he signed on to host the reboot of the classic game show originally hosted by the late Bill Cullen. Three and a half decades later, as he was also marking his 50th anniversary on national television, he decided to hang up the mic.

Whether you like the direction of the show since comedian Drew Carey took over, the program hasn’t been the same since.

Barker made one return appearance to the show a few years ago to promote his autobiography, Priceless Memories.

All this week, as part of the celebration, CBS has promoted pet adoption, something Barker incorporated into the show for years, but that disappeared when he did.

Barker is also expected to present a showcase.

Carey did decide to keep Barker’s tradition of ending each show with a plea for viewers to help control the pet population by having their animals spayed or neutered. As Barker tells the story, he’d planned to ask Carey to consider continuing the practice, but before he had the chance, Carey asked Barker if he’d mind if Carey kept the plug in.

Your Turn:

Which host’s style do you prefer on The Price is Right: Bob Barker’s or Drew Carey’s?

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  1. I did prefer Bob Barker’s style but I have to say that I don’t mind Drew Carey.  It’s just different and change isn’t always bad.

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