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Calm Down, Folks! LeVar Burton Will Get a Shot at ‘Jeopardy!’


Actor LeVar Burton will finally get the chance to guest host the game show ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans pushed for Burton to have a shot for months.

It’s the news Jeopardy! fans hoped to hear for months. An online petition collected a quarter of a million signatures demanding LeVar Burton get an on-air audition.

This week, producers of the classic Answer-and-Question quizzer listed Burton in the final list of hosts.

Some fans may remember Burton as Geordi LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But long before he portrayed the chief engineer of the next generation Enterprise, he endeared himself to kids of all ages as host of PBS’s Reading Rainbow.

Before that, he played Kunta Kente in the 1977 miniseries Roots.

I like LeVar Burton. He brings a youthful energy — despite being 64. I think he’ll do quite well.

I’m just not sure where the furor over having him guest-host began. It seems that before the body of beloved host Alex Trebek was even buried, people already clamored for Burton to get his turn.

And a petition with about 250,000 signatures? Really?

He thanked his supporters on Twitter. I’m not sure why it took all of that to give him a shot. I’d call some of the other choices far more questionable than Burton himself would ever be.

In any case, be sure to mark your calendars! His episodes will air the week of July 26.

I just hope those 250,000 fans can be patient for that long!

Will you be watching for his Jeopardy! hosting debut?

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