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CBS Plans ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot on Streaming Service

Get ready to enter the Twilight Zone again! CBS is planning to relaunch the classic series on its streaming service, CBS All Access.

If it worked with Star Trek, why not The Twilight Zone?

That’s surely the reasoning behind relaunching the classic sci-fi series on CBS All Access, a subscription-based streaming service that combines current network shows, originals and classic series in a single OTT app.

OTT, by the way, means “over the top,” and refers to the little set-top boxes like Roku that allow users to select channels where they can watch on-demand programming.

It’s not clear who will host the new ‘Zone’ reboot, but it’s a cinch that no one will host it quite like series creator Rod Serling did. He died in 1975, and despite two previous reboots of the original, none have had quite the same magic.

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but I have a hard time imagining that another attempt at recapturing that magic would work any better.

But I’d definitely be happy to be proven wrong.

The Twilight zone, which ran from 1959 to 1964, remains one of my favorite classic TV series. Each New Year’s Eve, I look forward to Syfy’s marathon of episodes. And I’ve also provided a list of my top 10 favorites in the past.

By today’s standards, some of the episodes are dated a bit. In particular, some of the special effects look a bit campy.

On the other hand, it seems too easy a temptation for show producers these days to rely too much on special effects, when the focus with Serling was always more about the story, not the effects.

More shows need to spend more time, I think, focused on the storytelling and less on the effects.

Then there’s the problem of expectation. If I were in charge of a new show, one of the last things I’d want it called is Twilight Zone. That name has such a powerful connotation of high-quality television for so many, that it’s inevitable that any new show that carries that title is automatically going to be scrutinized more than it ever would be if the title were something new.

And unless the new show is producing episodes that rival the quality of the original, which would a difficult to task to begin with, it’s almost certainly going to fail to pass muster.

I hope I’m wrong.

What was your all-time favorite ‘Twilight Zone’ episode?

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