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CBS to Bring ‘The Trumpet’ to Revamped ‘CBS Mornings’


‘CBS This Morning’ announced its most recent morning news makeover, dubbed ‘CBS Mornings,’ will make its debut on Tuesday.

For viewers of CBS This Morning, the Eye network’s current weekday morning news program, changes are coming. On Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, CBS will debut CBS Mornings.

The new program will keep the circular table from the old show, but it will move to a new location. The show’s new home will be a second-floor studio that used to be home to MTV’s Total Request Live.

Anchors Gayle King and Tony Dokoupil will continue with the program from its current format, CBS This Morning. But instead of Anthony Mason, who left the program earlier this month, King and Dokoupil will be joined by sports personality Nate Burleson.

But along with the new anchor and new set, the show will bring a familiar icon and theme song. The sunshine logo from CBS Sunday Morning and a reworking of that program’s theme, Gottfried Rieche’s Abblasen, will be part of CBS Mornings.

Here’s the version you’ve come to know over more than four decades:

In a preview of the new CBS Mornings, you hear a more upbeat rhythm, but the trumpet is still there. More on that in a moment.

King said the connection to CBS Sunday Morning is key to the revamp.

“We’ll be bringing more of that feature storytelling magic that Sunday morning is known for every day of the week,” she said.

The network promises there will still be the focus on breaking and hard news, particularly in the first hour, as always. But more feature storytelling the second half of the show will give stories the “time and care that they deserve,” she said.

Here’s a preview, and you’ll note the upbeat version of Abblasen near the :32 mark:

CBS This Morning Saturday will also originate from the Time Square studio.

As far as I can tell, CBS Sunday Morning will stay put in its current studio and hopefully on the current set which is a modernized version of the original, which dates all the way back to 1979.

It will be interesting to see how it works.

The one thing that bothers me, though, is the new name.

I don’t get CBS Mornings. CBS This Morning is such a better title. After all, when people wake up to get the news, they’re focused on this morning. Not yesterday, not tomorrow.

It would be like NBC renaming the Today show to Days…or ABC renaming Good Morning America to Good Week America.

Mornings just sounds off. Maybe it makes sense to someone else. But that was one change that left me scratching my head.

What do you think from the preview? Will you watch ‘CBS Mornings’?

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