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Did Barr Buy TV Land?


I can’t find any headline that suggests that comedienne Roseanne Barr actually wrote a big check to the TV Land cable network, but I’m beginning to wonder.

I checked the schedule on my trusty old Tivo and counted 76 episodes of her 90s sitcom, Roseanne, airing from midnight Monday to midnight Monday.

That’s 38 hours of this sitcom in a single week.  Overkill, in my book.

There are plenty of shows I might be happy to see a network supposedly dedicated to “classic TV” run in such a disproportionate manner.

I might be willing to take 38 hours of The Andy Griffith Show.  Or The Twilight Zone.  Or M*A*S*H.  Or maybe even Sanford & Son.  And once in a while, I can deal with a large dose of I Love Lucy if I’m in the right mood.

But then they’re real classics that have been around for several decades.  Not just one.

Roseanne is part of TV Land Prime, a new campaign designed to turn TV Land into something other than a network of classic TV shows.  With lousy — and I do mean lousy — reality shows like She’s Got the Look and The Cougar, too-young-to-be-classic sitcoms like Roseanne, and the occasional movie, TV Land ain’t what it used to be.

And it’s becoming a stop on my nightly TV viewing route less and less often.

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  1. Maybe it’s cheaper for TV Land to air the show now that it’s been out on DVD for a while. I don’t know very much about how syndication works behind the scenes, but I remember back when I lived in Finland, the station that aired The X-Files did “X-Files marathons” during the summer before the show’s last season was going to air in Finland. It was pretty much one whole season in one weekend or something crazy like that.

    Whatever the reason, you can bet it always comes down to money, in one form or another.

    On another note, I own the entire Roseanne series on DVD, and I do enjoy the series. However, it is, like you said, nowhere near old enough to be considered a “classic”, and never have I even wanted to watch 38 hours of it in one week.

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