Cover Contest

Author Tess Gerritsen, who is primarily known for medical thrillers, is offering an interesting contest on her website. At first, I wasn’t sure why it was a contest, because there was no mention of a prize.

Millenia Black then explained to me that the winner of the contest will be the person whose cover design gets the most votes. Prior to the vote, she had an open call for designs.

Even if medical thrillers aren’t your cup of tea, it’s still an interesting idea to allow readers to choose the cover for her next novel, Copycat.

A voter can choose up to three designs they like. I only found three that I really liked.

But it’ll be interesting to see which one actually ends up being the one. There is no mention that I can find about when Copycat’s release date will be. But the “contest” itself ends on February 10th.

Good luck to them all, but particularly to my top three.


  1. It’s a contest because she had an open cattle call for submissions for the next book cover. The winning cover’s artist wins the contest.

    I actually saw four that I liked and agonized over which one to drop. 🙂

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