Order Yours Today!


If you like good political discussion, the kind that is well-researched, informed and fair, then I wanted to point out that the book Yes We Did: The Southern Argument for Progressive Change, is now available for sale on Amazon.com.  It’s a great read, a compilation of some of her essays about the Obama campaign and the many issues that came up during the race for the White House.

It’s just $14.99, and more than worth the price.

I’ve quoted Linda plenty of times here, and her writing over at the Huffington Post’s Off the Bus section got her national exposure.  You can sample some of her essays on Huffington here.

In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t make a penny off the sale of the book, so when I recommend it, I have no ulterior motive other than wanting to see my friend earn the success she deserves for a job continually well done.  I figure most of you already know that, but I wanted to remove any doubt.

So go to Amazon and pick up your copy!

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