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Ever Heard of the Show?

The Price is Right is really getting on my nerves these days.

This particular day, it’s not so much Drew Carey that annoyed me, but instead one of the contestants.  She looks like a twenty-something, and she lost her pricing game.  As Carey consoled her just before going to commercial, he mentioned that she had at least won the item that got her on stage and that she’d have her chance at the Big Wheel.

“Oh my gosh!” she screamed.  Yes.  Screamed.  She had no idea that she got to spend the wheel.

Seriously…this show is in its 37th year on the air.  Every contestant who makes it on stage to play a pricing game has automatically had their turn at the giant prop since the show expanded from a half-hour to a full hour in 1975.  That means that for almost 34 years now, longer than this little twenty-something has been alive, the big wheel has been part of the equation.

How can anyone who says they’re some great fan of the show, and is at least a reasonable enough fan to actually go to the show and brave the long line to get in, have no clue whatsoever that the Showcase Showdown is part of the routine?

They need a new rule: if someone’s never seen the show by now, get ‘em off stage and let a real fan have a shot at something big!

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  1. I love Drew Carey as the emcee! As Bob Barker got older and more frail, you could see the fear in his eyes – that a ‘linebacker’ could take him out and hurt him, eveery time a fan came up on stage and ran toward him..

    I was upset when Drew went ‘casual’, without his tie.. Please put your pretty, bright ties back on! It gives the show some class – since contestants look like they are going to a big ride park.

    Love the show”

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