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For ‘Price,’ Announcer Candidate Wasn’t ‘Weakest Link’

A former game show host has landed the announcer gig at television’s longest running game show. George Gray, who previously hosted the syndicated version of The Weakest Link, has been named permanent announcer of The Price is Right, according to a statement by CBS.

Gray started his career as a stand-up/sketch comedian. In addition to his hosting duties of The Weakest Link, he also hosted Junkyard Wars. for which he received an Emmy Award nomination.

“I am really excited to join the Price is Right family,” Gray said. “Being only the fourth full-time announcer in 39 years is an amazing honor. As my dad always liked to say, ‘No pressure!’”

Previous announcers were Johnny Olson, regarded as one of the best announcers in the history of broadcasting, who voiced the show from the premiere in 1972 until his death in 1985. Rod Roddy served as announcer from early 1986 until his death in 2003. Rich Fields stood behind the mic from then through last season.

Gray emerged as the favorite with producers of the show after a tedious round of on-air announcer auditions, featuring a variety of talents, most of whom were clearly not announcer material.

Gray may be in line to take the top spot on the show if Drew Carey were to decide to leave. His contract is reportedly up next year, after the show’s 40th season on CBS.

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