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Game Show Fans Gear Up for Monday

Of course I had to mention the fact that on Monday, The Price is Right will air the first show of its 35th year on CBS. ‘Price’ is television’s longest-running game show, and in December, host Bob Barker will commemorate his 50th anniversary on national television.

I’m told by friends who attended the taping that there are some big things to see this premiere week, so if you’re a regular viewer or even an occasional one, you’ll want to set your Tivo.

The show debuted, incidentally, on September 4, 1972, when I was just two years old. One of the most striking things about the show, all these years later, is how little has changed. Other than the prices of cars and fashions, it’s still the same basic formula that has worked so well for nearly three-and-a-half decades. Even some of the basic camera shots in today’s shows are nearly identical to the way they were in the premiere.

See for yourself, by watching this clip of the first four contestants being called from that very first show. You’ll note that on this into, Johnny Olson calls the contestants one by one, telling them to “Stand up,” then bellows for the four to “Come On Down,” a phrase he put into Americana.

No need for me to remind you to “check your local listings,” right? Surely you do know where to find the show!!


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