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Grab a Suitcase! ‘Deal or No Deal’ is Returning


One of television’s all-time most annoying game shows, ‘Deal or No Deal,’ is set to return to television later this year…this time on cable.

Howie Mandell confirmed this week that he will host a reboot of Deal or No Deal.

The game show made contestants select a suitcase from among 26 options. Each contained a different amount of money, ranging from 1¢ to $1 million. The contestant must then eliminate the other cases, and each is opened to reveal the amount inside.

Based on which amounts are eliminated, an unseen “banker” will offer the contestant an amount of money. If the contestant takes the “deal” for the guaranteed amount, the game’s over. If the contestant says, “no deal,” the game continues. The danger increases as more suitcases are eliminated. If the million dollars is revealed, for example, then it’s clear the contestant has less than that, and the banker’s next offer will drop. If the contestant eliminates lower numbers, the offer typically goes up.

Deadline is reporting CNBC will bring the program back to television in the fourth quarter of this year.

CNBC? Well, that’s interesting. The cable network is focused on money and the economy…I get that. But a game show seems somewhat out of place for the “serious” attitude of a network like CNBC.

I’m always happy to see game shows on the schedule; they’ve been in a slump in the past few years, which has been helped by the fact that it seems too few producers really know how to produce a game show. Most seem instead to be too busy trying to bring in every gimmick they can find.

The rebooted Deal or No Deal “will feature all the high energy and risk-reward that captivated audiences, with some exciting new twists,” according to Deadline.

While the game is an interesting concept, the execution always left a bit to be desired in my book. The process of eliminating suitcases, round after round, was dragged out to milk every ounce of drama and then some, with ridiculous delays and pauses meant to stall as long as possible. (I get it, the quicker they play, the more money they’d potentially have to give away, but still, too much is too much.)

Mandell himself seemed to enjoy dragging things out and making the contestant hang on for a big reveal — either of a suitcase or a banker’s offer — through a commercial break.

I’d hate to even guess what they think might make for “exciting twists.” 

But some game shows are better than none, I suppose.

Are you a ‘Deal or No Deal’ fan? Will you watch the reboot?

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