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Infamous Couple Hints on ‘Dramatic Turn’

This morning on Today, the couple accused of crashing the president’s first state dinner appeared to give their side of the story.

At least, that was what Today expected.  At one point, Matt Lauer asked Tareq Salahi about a phone call between the two of them prior to the appearance:

“We spoke in the middle of the day and you led me to believe that this story is about to take a dramatic and unexpected turn and people will change their opinions of this story.  Can you shed some light on that?”

Salahi said that was absolutely correct, then said he and his wife are cooperating and that the “truth” would soon come to light.  They claimed that they were invited, but stopped short of revealing exactly who extended the invite, claiming that they are respecting the timeline of the Secret Service investigation, and say they are certain they will be exonerated of any potential charges.

Well that clears everything up, doesn’t it?

Lauer also made a point to ask them if any financial arrangement had been made by NBC for their exclusive appearance, and the couple denied it.  Yesterday, after their scheduled appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live was suddenly canceled, rumors began circulating (and Fox News reported) that the couple’s representatives were encouraging media outlets to “get their bids in” to land the guests, a charge the couple has totally denied.

It boggles the mind why a couple who isn’t interested in media attention but does want to tell their side of the story would appear on the nation’s number one morning program only to say that they can’t give any real answers to anything.

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