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Once upon a time, there was a network called MTV dedicated to music videos.  I don’t know if MTV shows any music videos these days.  I haven’t watched it in years, but the last time I did, all I saw was stupid reality shows that had absolutely nothing to do with music.

There was a time when GSN stood for Game Show Network, rather than just GSN, and played only classic game shows we grew up with, before trying to add a lot of its own cheap, bad shows into the mix.

Not that long ago, TV Land focused solely on Classic TV, like The Andy Griffith Show, Leave It to Beaver, The Brady Bunch and M*A*S*H, before trying to convince us that bad shows like Roseanne, Third Rock From the Sun, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition were somehow “classics” and throwing in movies just to further annoy people looking for their old TV fix.

Now, even The Weather Channel is going to begin airing movies.  The first one — big surprise! — is The Perfect Storm.  The movie airs at 8:00pm on Friday, October 30th, the 18th anniversary of the massive nor’easter on which the film was based, and will be the first of four movies to air Friday nights.

The network’s chief programmer says all of the movies will be about weather or will be movies in which weather plays a critical role in the plot.  Twister seems like an obvious choice, but it’s not among the four.  The most curious choice listed is the Stephen King horror flick, Misery.  Then again, it was a blizzard that started the whole thing, so weather does play a “critical part” in the plot.

The question is, why would The Weather Channel want to dilute such a well-established brand to show something totally different from its primary programming?  And, are people really going to be willing to sit through a movie interrupted not only with commercials, but local weather updates every ten minutes?

(At least, I’m assuming they’re not suspending local weather during the movie:  that would be an even bigger mistake!)

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  1. Maybe a marketing trick for more authority. Maybe they want to make the weather channel more interesting for the viewers. About MTV.. they play sometimes music videos, but I think only on premiers :).
    Best regards!

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