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Netflix Plans Reboot of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’


One of my favorite shows growing up was the NBC true crime series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ with Robert Stack. Netflix is bringing it back.

Netflix is promising that its coming reboot of Unsolved Mysteries will maintain “the chilling feeling viewers loved about the original.” At the same time, it will tell stories “through the lens of a premium Netflix documentary series.

Unlike the original series, which premiered on NBC in 1987 and featured multiple stories told through a combination of re-enactments and actual news footage, the new version will focus on only mystery per episode.

The initial run will consist of 12 episodes, according to Netflix.

One promising note is that the show will be supervised by one of the co-creators of the original. 

That definitely makes it seem plausible that the new show will have the chance to offer the feel of the original. 

But there’ll certainly be one thing missing that they’ll never truly be able to replicate: Robert Stack. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a rerun, here’s a glimpse at his style:

Stack hosted the original version until it left NBC in 2002. He died in 2003 of a heart attack.

There was a reboot on Lifetime starring the late actor Dennis Farina as host. It didn’t feel the same because Farina didn’t quite reach Stack’s level of suspense in his narration.

Of course, Stack wasn’t the first person to host the show, either. Before Unsolved Mysteries became a series, it began as a few specials hosted by Raymond Burr and Karl Malden before the producers found Stack.

But it was Stack who took that familiar “chilling feeling” to a new level.

I compare it to the late Peter Thomas, an extraordinary voice artist who helped give CourtTV’s Forensic Files its signature sound:

Though that program has been out of production for several years, it continues to run on HLN; in fact, it’s practically all that network runs after morning and afternoon news.

It would be difficult to replicate Stack or Thomas.

I tend to like the genre and I’m definitely going to give this new take on Unsolved Mysteries a try.

Will you?

Are you excited about the reboot of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’?

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