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Patrick’s 100 Movies – Part 6 of 10


Here’s the sixth set of movies in my onging Patrick’s 100 Movies. I hope you’re finding some of your favorites on this list! 

Let’s hear it for some horror and suspense! Here’s a collection of ten movies on my Patrick’s 100 Movies that are not for the faint of heart. Or something like that.

If you missed Part 5, you can check it out here.

As before, these are in no particular order.

51. ‘Halloween’ (1978)

What a great movie. The suspense really gets you, and for those of us who were lucky enough to see it when it first debuted, the shocks were amazing. Nowadays, this same kind of movie is so predictable that it’s almost hard to even fake surprise when the killer appears out of nowhere. But this one packed a real punch and still does. And that little music cue that happens when Jamie Lee Curtis is slumped against the doorway as Michael Myers rises up…if that doesn’t give you a chill, you’re not a horror fan.

52. ‘The Thing’ (1982)

A murderous alien monster attacking scientists in a remote research station in the arctic. It’s tight quarters and no one knows who to trust. With a hint of cabin fever mixed in for good measure.

53. ‘Christine’ (1983)

Another great horror soundtrack in this Stephen King story of the car that will not die, but will kill whenever it gets in gear.

It’s a thriller, but in an odd way, it’s also a love story between a young man and a classic car. The real question might be which of the two is more obsessed with the other.

54. ‘Phantoms’ (1998)

Of all of the movies made from Dean Koontz novels, this one is the best, and really the only decent one. There’s a good mix of suspense and humor and somehow you’re left wondering if it just might be possible….

And, for those who don’t like reading all that much, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but the book is better than the movie adaptation.

55. ‘The Tingler’ (1959)

This is as campy a horror movie as has ever been made, but with Vincent Price as a mad scientist who discovers a live organism in the spines of people who have been scared to death, how can you lose?

When this film first hit theaters, select seats were rigged with electrodes that would fire off at a critical moment to make the movie-goers feel like the Tingler had grabbed on. And there’s a masterfully-done color scene in this otherwise-black-and-white movie in which a deaf mute gets a fatal case of the Tingler’s grasp.

56. ‘The Deadly Game’ (1982)

This entry might be one of the most obscure in my Patrick’s 100 Movies list.

Back in the early 1980s, HBO produced several made-for-TV movies. This was a stage play shot for television. George Segal is an American traveling salesman in Switzerland who gets caught in a snowstorm and finds himself in the home of a collection of retired lawyers who have developed an odd parlor game. They invite him to play, and he agrees, not realizing that it’s a game that’s played to the death.

57. ‘The Vanishing’ (1993)

Want to see the difference between what a European audience wants and what an American audience wants when it comes to the big ending?

Then just rent the American version and the French version and watch them back to back, French first. The story involves a teacher who works up the courage to do something really terrible, and a man obsessed with finding, once and for all, the victim of the teacher’s little experiment.

58. ‘Thr3e’ (2006)

Based on the book by Christian author Ted Dekker, Thr3e is the story of a college student tormented by a secret in his past and stalked by a psychopath. If you don’t see the end coming, when it’s over and they show you how all of the seemingly unlikely pieces of the puzzle do, in fact, fit together, you’ll want to smack yourself! Despite a few over-the-top performances, it’s still an entertaining, if lesser-known, picture.

59. ‘Pet Sematary’ (1989)

Despite one of the most ridiculous songs, “I don’t want to be buried…in a pet sematary” and some spectacularly bad acting in parts, this Stephen King movie is still entertaining.

It hits universal heartstrings: a child’s love for a pet and the pain of losing it. When a father learns there may be a chance to save his daughter’s beloved cat, he takes the chance despite warnings that it could cause disaster. (And, of course, it does.)

60. ‘Poltergeist’ (1982)

“They’re here.” And of course, the problem starts with the television. Yeah, yeah…blame TV.

If you have never seen this movie, do yourself two favors. First, watch the movie. Even after more than 35 years, it still holds up reasonably well. Second, stop with this one. Don’t waste your time with Part II, and don’t even consider Part III, which feels as though the script was blank after about page 20. Sometimes, you do everything you can and should do in the original.

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