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Reality Television’s Next Big Step


Do you think that reality television couldn’t get worse? If so, you’re about to be proven wrong.

Our friends across the pond are about to introduce a new program called “Private Stars.” The full report appears in the Telegraph, a UK newspaper.

The premise is simple. Take five female porn stars and lock them in a house with five regular guys. Watch them “interact” 24 hours a day.

Scratch that…it makes it sound too innocent. Actually, the housemates will be screened 24 hours a day as they produce their own X-rated videos. The men will then be judged by their “abilities” with the women. The worst gets voted out of the house, until there’s one winner.

His prize? Naturally, a full-time contract with a porn producer!

British politician Ann Widdecombe calls the production another step in the wrong direction for British television:

“Once you let standards slip you lose them altogether. Producers then compete with each other to see who can go on to the next level. Some of the things you see on television today would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.”

(I refer you to my earlier piece on movie ratings for a discussion on changing tastes.)

A member of the production company claims the program will debunk a lot of the myths associated with the porn industry:

“Often in the program the women are just filmed sitting around talking about their lives and their experiences in the industry. All of this is just a job to them. As for the men, some of them just want to be on television and some of them have a genuine interest in the world of pornography.”

He adds that they had “hundreds of young guys wanting to take part.” Yeah, that’s a shock!

Before you go off on a rant about how the media is trying to demoralize the nation, be sure to keep one obvious notion in mind: if reality television wasn’t wildly popular, producers would have no reason to sit around the table trying to dream up the next envelope-pusher. The viewers, unfortunately, are the ones sending the message that Reality TV is what they want to see more of. In this case, those viewers will certainly be getting an eyeful…literally.

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