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Red’s Fight

Patrick’s Place received some sad news that involves local television as well as the world of local writers in the Lowcountry:  author and former broadcaster Red Evans is fighting cancer and was placed in hospice care just before Christmas.

Originally known as “The Rockin’ Redhead” on local radio, and then as a local television journalist, Evans, 75, calls himself a three, possibly four-career guy:

“Thirty years in broadcasting, as The Rockin’ Redhead and then as a TV journalist. I’m a three-career guy, maybe even four. A radio personality when I was young, spinning Elvis, Fats, and the drifters. I was the Rockin’ Redhead, a wisecracking, adlibbing deejay with voice mimics and catch phrases. Alas, I outgrew all that and got serious, turning to news which occupied my focus for the next twenty years and eventually led to lobbying Congress in Washington, DC and public speaking. Fifteen years later, after I retired I began my fourth career, writing fiction and playing with my grandchldren in Charleston, SC where I reside with my wife of 50 years.”

That description of Red, written by Red, is found on his blog, which he just began back in November, after publishing his first novel, On Ice, an unusual road trip story about a corpse being kept literally on ice in a kiddie pool, a farm boy and a flatulent dog.

More on the novel can be found at the publisher’s site, incidentally.

Upon learning of his diagnosis, according to Evans’s son, Mike, Red didn’t abandon his sense of humor.   “He said his cancer now has cancer and that the tumors in his body are all trying to join up with each other.”

I’ve never met Red officially, though I know we were recently in the same building when he stopped by to talk about his novel during a guest segment.

Another local author, Dave Moulton, told me the other day that Red read a passage from his book during last month’s meeting of the local writers group I’ve been attending.  Unfortunately, I missed that session.

Please keep Red and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Keep fighting, Red.


  1. I’m truly sorry that you never had the opportunity to meet Red. I worked with him many years ago in a different life and he is the one person I can look straight in the eye — that is if he’s bending down, or I’m standing on a stool — and say “because of you I am what I am today.”

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