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Series to Feature Real Couples Having Sex on TV


I learned a long time ago in TV never to say, “I’ve seen it all.” News of a show that’d feature couples having sex on TV is a perfect reason.

Pretend couples being depicted as having sex on TV is nothing new. Real couples really having sex on TV? Well, that’s a bit different.

The WE-tv network has ordered a pilot for Sex Box, a British series it hopes will catch on with American viewers.

The premise of the show is that couples whose relationships are on the rocks, particularly in a bedroom way, will enter the “sex box,” a closed room sealed off and out of view of the studio and home audience. The couple then has sex, and when they emerge, a panel of relationship experts interviews them about their intimacy issues.

I suppose there are those who would argue that having that kind of conversation immediately after the deed would insure that the issues are “fresh” in the minds of the participants. There’s a slight chance, I suppose, that there’s some validity to that point of view.

I would suggest, however, that any couple who has issues serious enough to warrant counseling at all already are well aware of what the issues are. And any couple who feels it’d be a good idea to go on a television show in which they have sex as a precursor to a post-mortem on their sexual problems certainly doesn’t need another episode of trouble just to be able to discuss what the trouble is.

It’s not like we’ll see any dirty parts. The room — I mean, “the box” — is soundproof, too. So we don’t even get to listen in.

But we’ll see a couple who should be experiencing the “afterglow” who we’ll expect to not see glowing all that much.

I can’t say this is a show I’m planning on watching. But I’d love to hear your reaction to this idea.

Your Turn:

How about you? Is this a show you’d be curious enough about to tune in? Why or why not?


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