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Star Enters Rehab, Show Enters Hiatus


Charlie Sheen, the highest-paid performer in prime time television, is entering rehab, CBS, Warner Brothers, and the show’s producer confirm.

The star of Two and a Half Men has “voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center”&nbsp on Friday, one day after being rushed to a hospital from his home.

The well-publicized story of his sudden illness on Thursday included mention of “two young women” who left his home at about the same time he was taken away in an ambulance. One can only imagine the possibilities.

Even more laughable is the excuse he reportedly gave to his family and friends: that the hernia might have been aggravated by his laughing so hard at the television.

Come on. Nothing on television — not even his show — is that funny anymore.

Men was on hiatus this week, but Sheen had been expected to report to work next week. Now, the producer of the show has announced that production has been shut down, presumably until Sheen can exit rehab and is able to return to the job.

It isn’t clear as of post time how many episodes have already been shot for this season, but February sweeps begin on Thursday.

Almost one year ago, he took a brief break from his series to enter rehab. In May of last year, he signed a new agreement that gives him $1.8 million per episode. You can do your own math: no matter how many episodes they have per season these days, even if they were only to produce one single show, that’s still a lot of money.

Most of the reaction to the hiatus announcement at is totally supportive of Sheen. One in particular, though, that jumped out at me was from someone claiming to be the parent of an addict who pointed out that in his or her son’s case, entering rehab means losing his job and his home. Sheen is lucky he has the network and the show’s producers behind him.

It’s just a shame that someone of his wealth has had such a problem getting it together.

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