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The Price is Right’s Spelling Fail

On Friday’s episode of The Price is Right, we learned that spelling isn’t necessarily the strong suit of the show’s electronic graphics department.

In the old days of the show, they’d reveal trips and cruises with giant painted murals that took a lot of time to create.  Now, in their efforts to go as high-tech as possible, they’ve ditched the murals for giant plasmas.  It’s much faster and much cheaper.

And since most graphics programs do not have spell check, much more dangerous. See what I mean after the jump:

Granted, Mediterranean — note that it has two Rs —isn’t the easiest of words to spell.

It’s one of those words that I always feel the need to look up if I’m dealing with a program that doesn’t have an automatic spellcheck.

Then again, it seems that no one noticed the misspelling: the show could have always redone the graphic and edited in a new shot of the model standing in front of the giant plasma screen with the word spelled correctly if they had.

The contestant, incidentally, wound up overbidding on the showcase. Maybe the misspelling threw him off…although I doubt he’d be able to win that argument.

In an unrelated note, while I’m on the subject of The Price is Right, the original host of the current run, Bob Barker, turns 86 today, and is scheduled to appear on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Wednesday.


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