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The Price is Wrong

Not long ago, I mentioned that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was trying to sell an idea for a reality show about her native Alaska in which she would star.

Palin is asking for between $1 million-$1.5 million per episode.  No, really.

If that amount sounds ilke a lot, even for TV, then you’re absolutely right. To put it in perspective, Charlie Sheen of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, the highest paid actor on network television, reportedly brings home $875,000 per episode.

A&E and Discovery networks have expressed interest, but neither has posted a bid for Palin’s costly travelog.

The major broadcast networks, I am happy to report, all passed on the project. (And you thought there was no hope for network TV!)


  1. It might be worth it if we actually could get “reality” from her…HA!

    I agree that if she could get it why not? Anyone? I mean figure what an athlete gets per game. And Charlie Sheen…he is not the best actor there is so. I also agree she is not an actress (though I think she is attempting ha) but yes it is the demand. Besides you know you ask high & then higher that way than if you start low.

  2. I would argue to let the market decide. If the audience is there, the network would eat it up and she’s right not to sell herself short. Last I heard, Oprah makes around 2 million per show. Oprah’s not an actress, but there aren’t many people complaining about her – to the contrary, it’s pretty darn admirable!

    Palin won’t get the money she’s requesting (I wouldn’t watch, myself), but I don’t fault her for trying. ‘Friends’ did pretty well when all six actors demanded 1 million per episode.

    This wouldn’t be more about politics, would it? 😉

    1. Not necessarily, Mike.
      I’m not a Palin supporter…but then again, I’d think a million per episode for Hillary Clinton leading viewers through a travelog of Arkansas would be outrageous, too. 🙂

      1. A travel show hosted by Hillary Clinton? Now there’s a thought. They could call it “Lost” – if only that title wasn’t already taken.

    2. The actors in Friends didn’t get a million per episode until the last season, or second to last. The show was an established product by then, not limited to just episode broadcasts. That’s not the same thing as starting a “reality” show hosted by an ex-Governor who quit her job and has no previous television series experience. Start off with something reasonable, something that matches her, uhhh, experience, and then increase it if the show actually becomes popular, which is doubtful.

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