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TV Land Shifts Focus to the Next Generation

Cable network TV Land says it’s shifting it’s focus to attract a younger generation.

Apparently I was born just a few years too late.

TV Land, which built its viewership by touting classic television show titles — everything from I Love Lucy to The Andy Griffith Show to All in the Family to Sanford and Son — has been shifting towards a younger crowd, ditching older, “classic” titles for more recent, far less funnier options.

In fact, one of the few remaining genuinely funny “recent” comedies they have kept on their schedule is Everybody Loves Raymond. I wouldn’t even mind The Golden Girls if they didn’t play it for what seemed like hours at a time.

But they’ve recently polluted Saturdays and Sundays with long blocks of the sitcom Reba, which I’d never heard of and would have been perfectly content to have never seen. I read they’ve also recently added The New Adventures of Old Christine, another show I didn’t care to watch when it was on the first time.

Then there are the parade of original programs like Hot In Cleveland, which recently ended; The Exes, Soul Man, Younger and among the newest Imposter, about a gambling addict who winds up assuming the identity of a recently-departed gay pastor.

Almost everything that made TV Land my kind of cable network is out the window.

TV Land has shifted its focus, it says, from the Baby Boomers to Generation X. Technically, I’m Generation X, which comprises people born between roughly 1964 and 1982. (The years may vary a few years, depending on whom you ask.)

But apparently, when it comes to classic television, I’m much more of a Baby Boomer. What they found funny, what they deemed “classic” television seems to be what I would give the same classification.

I’m in the preferred age group at the moment, and for at least another decade or so.

But it looks like they’re moving away from me, not my folks.

Thank goodness for DVD sets. I can always grab one of them and watch some real classic TV.

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  1. Fortunately, I haven’t ever been a fan of sitcoms, not old or new. So stations such as TV Land never held any interest for me. Sadly, Luis watches just about every show that comes on the telly, much to my dismay, so there’s no watching what he watches. Admittedly, however, I am not watching very much telly at all. I’d much rather read any day than view the junk. Although I will join Luis to watch “The Briefcase”, which, although it IS a reality show, is really quite good.

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