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What Would You Give Up for Your Favorite Streaming Service?


Think of the TV streaming service you watch most. Now ask yourself what you’d be willing to sacrifice to keep it for a month.

If you had to list every streaming service you pay for, how many of them would you come up with? For me, the list of paid apps would only come to five: Netflix, Hulu, Philo, Amazon Prime and Paramount+. I might have a hard time picking a single favorite streaming service, though, because I watch three of them more often than the others.

I’m big into classic TV, and Paramount+, for example, offers the various Star Trek franchises, The Twilight Zone and The Andy Griffith Show. Hulu has M*A*S*H. Amazon Prime has All in the Family. Philo is sort of like a mini-cable system with a bunch of cable channels (but no sports channels, which is fine with me since I’m not a sports guy). On Philo, I can find TV Land, Catchy TV, FETV and a few others, which offer additional classic shows like Sanford and Son, The Carol Burnett Show, and Emergency.

But since no single one has everything I want, I would have a hard time deciding what I might be willing to give up to keep one for a solid month.

Others may have an easier time of narrowing down a favorite. That brings me to the topic at hand.

What people would give up for their favorite streaming service

I found a survey online from They asked what people would be willing to do without for a month if it meant keeping their favorite streamer. 

The top thing people said they’d give up for a month was alcohol. But before you assume good news about the nation’s sobriety, only about three in 10 said they’d be willing to do without that. 

Coffee came in second, with only one in five saying they’d give that up. 

Believe it or not, when asked about giving up sex for a month, some even said yes to that. Twelve percent said they’d go celebate for a month. 

The most disturbing answer I saw on the list, though, was their pet. Yes, three percent of survey participants said they’d be willing to give up their pet for a month just to keep their favorite streaming service. Honestly, I can’t fathom that. My dog is my best friend. Yes, it’s a tired old cliché, but it happens to be true.

I’d easily give up a streaming service for a month to keep him around.

I feel bad for pets whose owners would say such a terrible thing.

Click the link above to see the full survey results and the other things people said they’d be willing to pass on just to keep the TV on.

You might just find it as sad as I do.

Is there anything you value that you’d actually be willing to do without for a month just for streaming TV?

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