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Not Cheating, But She Did Get Away With It!

I hope you’re not tired of hearing about The Price is Right, but I thought this week’s edition of Classic Clip Friday would be a perfect chance to showcase one of my all-time favorite unexpected moments.

You’ll have to excuse the video quality of this one, but of course I’m not the one who sent it to YouTube!

The contestant is playing “Shell Game,” one of the show’s very first pricing games. If you don’t know how to play — shame on you! — it’s simple: there are four shells and a ball is under one of them. The contestant must correctly guess whether the price of a small prize is higher or lower than the shown price. If she’s right, she gets a chip, which she’ll use to mark the shell she thinks is hiding the ball.

To mark a shell, she simply places the chip in front of the shell she thinks the ball is under. She doesn’t have to touch the shell. When you watch this clip, you’ll see that she obviously doesn’t understand what she’s supposed to do with the shell. Host Bob Barker jokes at one point that she “cheated and got away with it,” but this is clearly not a case of cheating.

In any event, what happens for the rest of this pricing game is worth watching even a video clip as low-res as this one. You’ll get the idea, and Barker’s remarks before the big reveal are, if you’ll pardon the expression, “priceless.”


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